Thursday, December 1, 2016

WATCH: International 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer with new view of the Beast's castle

A new international trailer for Beauty and the Beast debuted online this week and, while it does feature the same footage as last month's second teaser trailer (just in a slightly different order), there is one new shot of the Beast's castle.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Director Bill Condon reveals new details about the film's setting, castle staff & more

In a new interview with Fandango, Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon revealed new details about the upcoming film, including the film's setting and a cozy relationship between a pair of enchanted objects.
Fandango: What was your initial reaction when you were approached?

Bill Condon: It was just excitement, really, because I just loved the movie so much. There was a sense of making sure you could bring something to it that's new and also live up to in any way what was so great about the original. But again, it's a totally different medium. It has been translated once onto the stage, and this felt like another version of that. By not being animated, it has to change in a basic way and contain human behavior we can recognize.

Fandango: You also used CGI and set it in a practical location.

Condon: From the very beginning, I worked with Sarah Greenwood, the designer, and we decided to set in the time and place it was written, in the South of France in the 1740s. It wasn't in some mystical kingdom far away. It wasn't in a fairy-tale kingdom or anything like that.

Once we had that reality, once we knew that, it informed everything, especially in the design of the household staff objects. We started to look at clocks and candlesticks from the period and imagined faces in them. And we started to imagine how they could be anthropomorphized. The penny would drop on one of them and it was like, “Oh wow, that could work there.” Then suddenly the whole thing would come to life.

Fandango: Are we going to exclaim, “Wow, Emma Watson can really sing!”

Condon: Yes! She sort of had to and wanted to prove she could do it. She had always loved singing, but in those years of doing Harry Potter she hadn't done it. She got her voice back in shape, took lessons and then there it was! This beautiful, sweet, pure sound that she has. It is interesting.

We don't usually think about movie stars being able to sing, and then they do it. Some people's voices just reveal something about themselves and seem like the essence of them. Emma is one of those people, there's a natural connection from the way that she speaks and the way she sings.

Fandango: The other casting also seems so spot-on, like Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen...

Condon: Yeah, [Dan] has this really big voice, who knew? He is the Beast! And this is the first time Ian [as Cogsworth] has ever sung in a movie. To watch him sing and dance and be funny was amazing. In real life, people know how funny he is, but to let him be so shamelessly out there, it was really fun to watch.

Fandango: There is also a new character added to the household staff, right?

Condon: Yes, the harpsichord played by Stanley Tucci, who is married to the wardrobe, the opera singer. It seemed odd not to have a big musical instrument in there given the context, and he actually became a pretty big part.

Fandango: Can you talk about the three new songs added to the movie?

Condon: We keep all the songs from the original film, but in this translation, we expanded upon how Belle and the Beast become who they are when we meet them. Two of the new songs connect to that new material. “Days in the Sun,” in particular, is sung by Belle and has more to do with the household staff and how they see the future when the curse is lifted. But it's also as a song the Beast's mother sang to him when he was a boy. So it sort of comes full circle.

Finally, there's the song [“For Evermore”] the Beast sings as at a crucial dramatic point at the end of the movie. They always say you should only ever sing when speaking isn't enough. When you can't help but sing. And that's what the song is, a cry of pain. I think that's a really big, 11-o'clock cinematic number.

Fandango: Do you think one of those songs, like “Days in the Sun,” might be an Oscar contender?

Condon: Oh, God knows. It's up to them.

Fandango: How was Alan Menken to work with?

Condon: What really amazed me was, he has revisited something that he hasn't touched in 20 years, but is still in touch with what this story is emotionally. He writes these new songs that fit in so seamlessly into the fabric of the story. If you're a 10 year old and don't know the original movie, I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference.

Fandango: You, too, have an amazing ability to bring musicals to the big screen. What is it about the medium you love so much?

Condon: I think at it's best it has to give the audience the right feels, but man, when you have a story you're engaged in and an emotion that you're feeling that gets expressed in song, I think it just lifts you to a level that is hard for other movies to reach. Your action movies can do it in their own way, with the explosions and dazzle and all that, but there's nothing like someone letting loose in the joy of expressing themselves.

Source: Fandango

WATCH: Facebook Live Chat with director Bill Condon & the stars of 'Beauty and the Beast'

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Second 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer is one for the record books

When the first Beauty and the Beast trailer debuted back in May, it became one of the most viewed teaser trailers of all time with 91.8 million views in the first 24 hours, topping The Force Awakens. Belle and her Beast were not content with those numbers, and it seems the fans were eager to break even more records when the second trailer premiered earlier this month.

With 127.6 million views worldwide, the second Beauty and the Beast trailer became the most viewed trailer in 24 hours, topping the 114 million views for Fifty Shades Darker and 112 million for The Force Awakens. The film's stars were instrumental in sharing the trailer with fans, which led to 27 million views on Emma Watson's Facebook page alone.

This overwhelming response may seem surprising to some, but fans of the animated classic and the cast of the live-action film do not doubt the excitement and anticipation for the new film.

“I will tell you right now that the amount of interest in this film is unlike anything I’ve ever seen,” said Josh Gad, whose previous credits include the Broadway smash The Book of Mormon and voicing the character of Olaf in Frozen. “Look, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Frozen 2, there’s buzz surrounding other things I’ve been involved with. But, this, there’s such curiosity, joy, excitement, and buzz about a film that’s two years away still. That’s an enormous amount of pressure, actually, but also something that we all take very seriously. Every day we’re making this movie, we know what the bar is, and we’re trying to match that bar, if not exceed it in some ways. So we’re very well aware of that.”

View the trailer below (one, two, three hundred more times) and check out 80+ images from the trailer here.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

New image of Belle (Emma Watson) and Gaston (Luke Evans) in 'Beauty and the Beast'

What a start to the morning! Empire Magazine has debuted a new image of Belle (Emma Watson) and Gaston (Luke Evans) in their provincial town.

"He gets as dark as any Disney character could possibly get", says Gaston himself, Luke Evans. The character, while still comic relief, is also an ex-soldier – there are, according to Evans, several shades to him. "This is a man who, for the first time in his life, hasn't got what he wanted."

Leading lady Emma Watson, meanwhile, seem to have got everything she wanted, having been a Beauty And The Beast superfan as a nipper. "Belle was one of my idols growing up," she tells us. "I knew every word to the animation. I was born in Paris like Belle. We both love books, obviously. She is someone who doesn't really feel like she fits in, but she finds her place in the world and uses what makes her different. She was just inspiring to me."
We may have already had a small look at this scene, although from a bit of a distance, during the behind the scenes featurette that was included on the 25th anniversary Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast. 

Source: Empire Magazine

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Josh Gad takes over Walt Disney Studios' feed for a day of #Instagad

Let's get out there and spread the sunshine! #beautyandthebeast #InstaGad #BeOurGuest @joshgad

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Here with @thereallukeevans singing through the Disney library. #awholenewworld #beautyandthebeast #beourguest @joshgad

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Your first look at the song #beautyandthebeast with @thatdanstevens #beourguest #instagad @joshgad

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And now your first look at the #beautyandthebeast song reprise with the radiant @emmawatson #beourguest #instagad @joshgad

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Game. Find the Beauty and the Beast. #beourguest #instagad

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Sending love to #Moana from #beautyandthebeast @therock and #linmanuelmiranda #YoureWelcome #instagad #beourguest

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That's a wrap. Thanks all for the wonderful response to #instagad #beourguest #beautyandthebeast out March 17 @joshgad

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Dan Stevens (Beast) and Luke Evans (Gaston) also shared a few photos of their own throughout the day.

Today is gonna be fun... Gaston & Le Fou — Disney's next top models. #beourguest

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Monday, November 14, 2016

WATCH: New 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer

The latest Beauty and the Beast debuted early this morning on Good Morning America shortly before making its online debut.

UPDATE: Screencaps from the trailer added below.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

New 'Beauty and the Beast' trailer debuts tomorrow on Good Morning America

The first Beauty and the Beast trailer broke records when it was viewed almost 92 million times in 24 hours back in May and with just over four months until the film's March premiere, fans are clamoring for another look at the film. The wait in FINALLY over as Disney is set to release a second trailer Monday, November 14th on Good Morning America.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the trailer and screencaps!

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Second 'Beauty and the Beast' teaser poster is a tale as old as time

If last week's new images of Belle, Beast, and the rest of the film's enchanting characters were not enough for a fan like you, then today is your lucky day! Beauty and the Beast star Emma Watson debuted a new teaser poster this afternoon for the upcoming live-action film.

And if the poster looks familiar, you are probably a fan of John Alvin's simple, but stunning Beauty and the Beast poster from the 90s.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Unused Howard Ashman lyrics to be featured in live-action 'Beauty and the Beast'

When I was a kid, I knew I liked the music in Beauty and the Beast and that simple fact was good enough for me, but as an adult, I can now appreciate the wonder and brilliance of Howard Ashman's lyrics. After Ashman's passing in early 1991, it was lyricist Tim Rice who worked with composer Alan Menken to bring new music to the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast and next year's live-action adaptation. However, with a little bit of pixie dust, which Disney has an excess of, previously unused lyrics from Ashman will also be featured in the live-action film.

Entertainment Weekly reports these new lyrics will mostly be featured in "Gaston," and will add "an extra freshness to the movie."
“In ‘Gaston,’ we had a treasure trove of lyrics that Howard had written that we did not put in the movie,” Alan Menken tells EW. “In many cases they were a little bit risqué — not risqué sexually, but risqué in terms of sensibility. We all felt ready to have these lyrics. When Bill found out about those lyrics, he said, ‘Oh my god, can we please look at that, because it would be a wonderful way to add an extra freshness to the movie.’ So, yes, you’re going to hear some unheard Howard Ashman lyrics.”
“The guys at Disney reviewed all the transcripts and recordings and they’ve been able to go back through those hours and hours of recorded footage and listen to lyrics that were written and never used, which are actually gems,” Luke Evans, who plays Gaston in the live-action version and performs the character’s self-titled song, says. “So, for the [audience members] who know the songs immensely well, which I think is most people, you will hear a few new lines, which are really, really special.”
Director Bill Condon added that another Ashman lyric will appear later in the film, but kept mum on more details.
“It’s a surprise at the end,” the filmmaker says. “I don’t want to give that away, but it’s a really gorgeous lyric that we found.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly